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  • Song Review: Cookie by NewJeans

    Song Review: Cookie by NewJeans

    After successfully building hype from their 3 pre-releases, NewJeans officially debuted after releasing the MV for their 4th and final song in their debut mini-album, Cookie. Before I begin the review, I will acknowledge the ongoing controversy regarding the song’s lyrics. I wish that the company did not let the song’s lyricists write it in…

  • Song Review: Ready for Love by BLACKPINK

    Song Review: Ready for Love by BLACKPINK

    I’ve been waiting for new music from BLACKPINK ever since The Album, which I genuinely enjoyed. While their songs are far too few and there are some misses here and there, if taken sonically as a whole, they still have among my favorite discographies in K-pop. No other group out there quite executes girl-crush as…