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  • Song Spotlight: Answer by ATEEZ

    Song Spotlight: Answer by ATEEZ

    Due to the lack of new K-pop releases from my favorite groups, I instead decided to highlight one of my favorite K-pop songs of all time, Answer by ATEEZ. The decision to talk about Answer as a song in particular came purely by coincidence. I decided to go an ATEEZ binge yesterday, and when Answer…

  • Song Review: _WORLD by Seventeen

    Song Review: _WORLD by Seventeen

    In my opinion, Seventeen have one of the strongest discographies in K-pop. Even though their latest works have remained solid, I still yearn for their music in their earliest years. I genuinely think they never missed, at least title track-wise, during their 2015-2017 era. While ‘_WORLD’ isn’t peak Seventeen, it finds itself in this realm…

  • Song Review: Beatbox by NCT Dream

    Song Review: Beatbox by NCT Dream

    NCT Dream’s music has always clicked with me. Even as their musical direction evolved when the members themselves grew older, I have been able to appreciate their title tracks. Even Glitch Mode, which is probably their most polarizing release, is a song I can get behind. Beatbox returns to Dream’s roots as a playful and…

  • Song Review: Sneakers by Itzy

    Song Review: Sneakers by Itzy

    Itzy is among K-pop’s most charismatic groups, specializing in performance to make the songs they release come alive. Previous title tracks such as Loco and Mafia In the Morning weren’t my favorite, but they have grown on me quite a bit, while I immensely enjoyed Not Shy, Wannabe, Icy, and Dalla Dalla. I’ve been waiting…

  • Song Review: Girls by aespa

    Song Review: Girls by aespa

    An in-depth of aespa’s latest title track, ‘Girls’.

  • An Introduction to the Blog + Review of Future-Perfect by Enhypen

    An Introduction to the Blog + Review of Future-Perfect by Enhypen

    Hello! I am an avid lover of all things K-pop who started this blog to have an outlet for the numerous thoughts and think-pieces I make about this music genre. In particular, I am particularly drawn to the music in K-pop, which I think is extremely diverse, intriguing, and enjoyable. Generally speaking, K-pop is unafraid…