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  • Song Review: ‘After Like’ by IVE

    Song Review: ‘After Like’ by IVE

    IVE is the rookie girl group to watch. Despite only possessing 6 songs under their discography, pretty much every song has been a hit. Eleven was an incredibly solid debut that still holds up over time, and Love Dive was a very strong follow up, even earning them their first PAK (perfect all kill) in […]

  • Song Review: PINK VENOM by BLACKPINK

    Song Review: PINK VENOM by BLACKPINK

    After, last month’s Ready For Love, BLACKPINK are back with another pre-release to build up hype for their upcoming album. Despite having several issues with Ready For Love’s song production, I was eventually won over by the surprising potency of its hooks and the great vocal and rap delivery by the girls. Thankfully, this time, […]

  • Hidden Gem: Replay by Golden Child

    Hidden Gem: Replay by Golden Child

    Golden Child is one of those groups who are in a weird position, popularity-wise at least. They debuted in late 2017, during the transition phase between 3rd and 4th Gen. With the lack of ‘big famous’ groups that debuted in this period (for example, on the level of Seventeen, BTS, EXO, etc.) they somewhat faded […]

  • Song Review: Ready for Love by BLACKPINK

    Song Review: Ready for Love by BLACKPINK

    I’ve been waiting for new music from BLACKPINK ever since The Album, which I genuinely enjoyed. While their songs are far too few and there are some misses here and there, if taken sonically as a whole, they still have among my favorite discographies in K-pop. No other group out there quite executes girl-crush as […]

  • Hidden Gem: Pop? Pop! by CSR

    Hidden Gem: Pop? Pop! by CSR

    In a K-pop landscape saturated with girl-crush songs, especially following the massive success of BLACKPINK, it has been a struggle to find songs that oppose the trend. This isn’t a dig at BLACKPINK, for I do genuinely enjoy their songs as well. It is just I’d rather have my ears listening to varied kinds of […]

  • Hidden Gem: be free by KB (OnlyOneOf)

    Hidden Gem: be free by KB (OnlyOneOf)

    OnlyOneOf has been one of those groups who have delivered great title tracks as a group quite consistently and reached their Magnus opus in their latest releases. The year’s Skinz and last year’s libidO have already cemented their place on my list of the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard. I would highly recommend you […]

  • Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    NewJeans is on a roll. Just today, it has been reported that their debut album has already amassed a record-breaking 440,000 preorders! Considering the ingenious marketing strategy that ADOR has used to promote them, not to mention their excellent music so far, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but even then, these […]

  • Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    I was extremely impressed by Attention yesterday, so I very much looked forward to listening to Hypeboy. Thankfully, while I wasn’t as blown away as I was with Attention, Hypeboy doesn’t disappoint as a follow-up. I would not usually mention the song’s MV in my review, but the concept of NewJeans is too unique to […]

  • Song Review: Test Me by Xdinary Heroes

    Song Review: Test Me by Xdinary Heroes

    Today was packed with K-pop releases. HyunA, one of K-pop’s most charismatic soloists, made her comeback with Nabillera, but I wasn’t sold on the song’s weak hooks that seemed to ride on Hyuna’s presence to elevate it. There were 2 options left for me to review: Xdinary Heroes’ Test Me, or P1Harmony’s Doom Du Doom. […]