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  • Best of K-pop in 2023 so far (Jan-Feb)

    Best of K-pop in 2023 so far (Jan-Feb)

    The Best of K-pop in 2023 so far.

  • Best of K-pop 2022

    Best of K-pop 2022

    My 78 favorite K-pop songs of the year 2022

  • Song Review: Cookie by NewJeans

    Song Review: Cookie by NewJeans

    After successfully building hype from their 3 pre-releases, NewJeans officially debuted after releasing the MV for their 4th and final song in their debut mini-album, Cookie. Before I begin the review, I will acknowledge the ongoing controversy regarding the song’s lyrics. I wish that the company did not let the song’s lyricists write it in…

  • Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    NewJeans is on a roll. Just today, it has been reported that their debut album has already amassed a record-breaking 440,000 preorders! Considering the ingenious marketing strategy that ADOR has used to promote them, not to mention their excellent music so far, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but even then, these…

  • Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    I was extremely impressed by Attention yesterday, so I very much looked forward to listening to Hypeboy. Thankfully, while I wasn’t as blown away as I was with Attention, Hypeboy doesn’t disappoint as a follow-up. I would not usually mention the song’s MV in my review, but the concept of NewJeans is too unique to…

  • Song Review: Attention by NewJeans

    Song Review: Attention by NewJeans

    NewJeans is a 5 member girl group under the newly established ADOR label, a subsidiary under HYBE. While they haven’t made their official debut yet (which is scheduled to be on the 8th of August), the surprise release of ‘Attention’, for the lack of a better word, certainly caught my attention. Having Min Heejin, SM…