Song Review: FOREVER 1 by Girls’ Generation

The OGs. The Nation’s Girl Group. The one and only Girls’ Generation has made a comeback, celebrating 15 years together! With K-pop’s limited attention span and ever-changing landscape, it is hard for artists to remain relevant. Being an idol is like a ticking time bomb. The harsh truth is that many idols don’t even get to finish their 7-year contract before their company goes bankrupt or decides to disband their group. Those who do make it the 7 years, most often end up disbanding, or with some members leaving the group. Any group who has made it past this mark should be celebrated, especially if even after their 7 year contracts are over, they are still loved and remembered by their fans. Such is the case with Girls’ Generation, and I personally find it quite an honor to witness such an event within the K-pop industry.

With these circumstances in mind, FOREVER 1 is a song made to celebrate their unity as a group and the loyalty of their fans, and the song sure evokes such nostalgic and emotional feelings, even from a non-SONE.

Admittedly I wasn’t too sold on the song at first. I could not remember the verses for the life of me. I liked the chorus a lot, but it didn’t stick. The vocal mixing at some parts sounded a bit grating. Altogether, my first impression was underwhelming, and I decided to let it settle for a few days before making my review. Although it was underwhelming, I had a feeling that it would grow on me a significant amount that I put off writing its review.

Now, I can truly appreciate the song’s strengths. Vocal mixing aside, the production is glorious, incorporating all the right instruments and melodies to create the perfect atmosphere and foundation for this kind of celebratory song. It creates and maintains uplifting energy imbued with hope and strong faith, that indeed, they will remain ‘FOREVER 1’. Honestly, it is touching. With this song, I certainly believe so!

The chorus is the song’s strongest hook. Its melody just gets it right. Although the verses are still somewhat forgettable, I can forgive it because the chorus exists.

SNSD’s vocal performance in this song showcases their seniority, talent, and experience in the industry. Taeyeon was glorious. Her voice was soaring and resonant, her belts open and rounded. She came to prove that she is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry, and she has only continued to hone and maintain her voice through the years. The other members are no slouch either. Even the sub-vocalists, Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yuri sounded great in this track. They have improved over the years, all culminating in this song. Seohyun, Sunny, and Tiffany did an excellent job supporting Taeyeon. Seohyun, in particular, won me over with how she sang ‘forever’ with her head voice in the post-chorus. Altogether, their vocal performance is spectacular.

There was not any rap in this song except for like a 2 second period of Hyoyeon suddenly going in with a flat tone. Honestly, I am not a fan of this part and I feel that it is unnecessary, cause it stood out from the rest of the song and did not match its vibes.

Overall, I highly enjoy the song, but I’m not sure if I would call it among my favorite songs of the year just yet. It has the potential to rise for sure, but for what this song aimed to do, it delivered. That is what truly matters!

Hooks – 8
Production – 9
Vocal delivery – 10
Rap delivery – 8
Overall – 8.75

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