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  • Song Review: ‘After Like’ by IVE

    Song Review: ‘After Like’ by IVE

    IVE is the rookie girl group to watch. Despite only possessing 6 songs under their discography, pretty much every song has been a hit. Eleven was an incredibly solid debut that still holds up over time, and Love Dive was a very strong follow up, even earning them their first PAK (perfect all kill) in […]

  • Hidden Gem: be free by KB (OnlyOneOf)

    Hidden Gem: be free by KB (OnlyOneOf)

    OnlyOneOf has been one of those groups who have delivered great title tracks as a group quite consistently and reached their Magnus opus in their latest releases. The year’s Skinz and last year’s libidO have already cemented their place on my list of the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard. I would highly recommend you […]

  • Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hurt by NewJeans

    NewJeans is on a roll. Just today, it has been reported that their debut album has already amassed a record-breaking 440,000 preorders! Considering the ingenious marketing strategy that ADOR has used to promote them, not to mention their excellent music so far, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but even then, these […]

  • Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    Song Review: Hypeboy by NewJeans

    I was extremely impressed by Attention yesterday, so I very much looked forward to listening to Hypeboy. Thankfully, while I wasn’t as blown away as I was with Attention, Hypeboy doesn’t disappoint as a follow-up. I would not usually mention the song’s MV in my review, but the concept of NewJeans is too unique to […]