Hidden Gem: be free by KB (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf has been one of those groups who have delivered great title tracks as a group quite consistently and reached their Magnus opus in their latest releases. The year’s Skinz and last year’s libidO have already cemented their place on my list of the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard. I would highly recommend you give them a listen. Their sound isn’t for everyone, but they execute it with flair and conviction that convinced me to like their music, even if I don’t usually gravitate toward their kind of sound.

Moving forward, they are starting to branch out with a series of solo releases, and ‘be free’ by KB has so far been my favorite.

The song rides on its funky bassline and consistent sense of groove, driving it forward continuously and only growing as the song goes on. This gives it a sense of direction and something to anticipate whenever I go back and listen to this song. Additionally, it smartly makes use of guitar to breathe extra life and energy into the song, adding texture to create its depth.

I don’t know much about OnlyOneOf as individual vocalists, but KB does a great job at selling the track. His vocal performance is dynamic and varied, fueling the track with charisma to make it work. He alternates between his different registers with ease, adding more texture and a sense of individuality to the track.

Where the song slightly falls short is its Hooks. Its chorus takes time to grow on you, and while I got it by the end, it still feels undercooked. If anything, its production and vocal delivery are what truly elevate this track.

I feel that it is quite a shame because I do enjoy the song very much, but how much better could it have been with a standout chorus?

Hooks – 7
Production – 10
Vocal Delivery – 10
Overall – 9/10

Credits to Genius Lyrics for Featured Image

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